Friday, 05 February 2016 14:28

Russian Bombing Triggers Mass Exodus from Aleppo

Increasingly intensive Russian airstrikes are pushing tens of thousands of Syrians from northern rural Aleppo towards the Turkish border. Over the past four days, the bombing has been concentrated on the towns of Anadan, Huraytan and Bayanoun, forcing nearly 2,000 families to flee their homes.

The Assad regime and Russia's airstrikes have so far killed 436 civilians in Syria since the launch of the Geneva III Conference on January 29. The Syrian Network for Human Rights said it had documented 131 civilians killed by their full names over the past five days. According to the report issued Wednesday, 58 were killed in Aleppo due to Russian strikes, 24 in Deir Ezzor, 13 in Dara’a, 10 in each of Raqqa and Homs, and 8 in each of Rural Damascus and Idlib. (Source: Syrian Coalition)

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