Monday, 04 December 2017 19:56

Syrian Interim Government Opens Jassim Sub-district Directorate in Dara’a & Meets FSA Commanders

Minister of Local Administration of the Syrian Interim Government (SIG) Mohammed Sorour Al-Muthayeb and an accompanying ministerial delegation opened a building of the Jassim Sub-district Directorate in Dara’a province of the Dara’a Province Police Command.

The sub-district officials briefed Al-Muthayeb on the departments and work mechanism of the Directorate. The Directorate comprises 65 police officers and policemen who defected from the Assad regime’s security services as well as civilian and military police. They underwent fitness exercises and training courses on how to deal with citizens.

Al-Muthayeb listened to complaints from the sub-district officials and discussed with them ways to support the sub-district using the resources available to SIG as the sub-district has no financial resources to continue its work other than the local council in the town.

The administration of the Jassim sub-district was restructured through the opening of an office of investigation, the deployment of security forces to guard the town, setting up security points at the entrances to the town, the deployment of security personnel to organize traffic.

On Saturday, SIG’s Head Jawad Abu Hatab held an extensive meeting with FSA commanders in northern rural Aleppo in the presence of Colonel Abdul Jabbar al-Akeidi, Deputy Defense Minister and Colonel Haitham Affisi, the FSA’s Deputy Chief of Staff.

Abu Hatab praised the FSA’s role in defending the Syrian people and their role as a shield defending the homeland. He stressed the importance of forming a national army as crucial to building the future of Syria, preserving the gains of the revolution, and defending the Syrian people in the liberated areas.

Abu Hatab discussed with the committee emanating from conglomerate of the FSA commanders in northern rural Aleppo a number of issues including the formation of a national army and its future role. Abu Hatab's meetings with the FSA commanders came as part of SIG’s efforts to form a national army after its previous meetings with rebel groups who agreed to form a national army. (Source: Syrian Coalition’s Media Department)

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