Press Releases

On Death of Turkish Soldier on Syrian Soil

The Syrian Opposition Coalition offers its heartfelt condolences to the brotherly Turkish people and to the family of the Turkish soldier who was killed on the Syrian soil while performing his duty at an observation post. It also wishes the wounded a speedy recovery.

On Assad Regime’s Imposition of $100 Entry Fee on Syrians Upon Return

In continuation and consolidation of the policies aimed at getting rid of the largest number of the Syrian people; emptying the country of its population and repopulating it with foreigners, especially Iranian militants; and in implementation of the theory of sectarian homogeneity Assad proposed years ago, the Assad regime’s new cabinet began its tenure with a decision preventing the return of displaced Syrians to their homeland.

On International Day of the Victims of Enforced Disappearances

As the world marks the International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearances, the Assad regime carries on with its policies of kidnapping and enforced disappearance as part of its relentless war on the Syrian people. These policies are aimed at silencing prominent activists; instill terror in the heart of the Syrian people; break their will; and prevent them from continuing their struggle for freedom, justice, and dignity.

On 5th Anniversary of Marketplace Massacre in Douma

Today marks the fifth anniversary of one of the most horrible war crimes committed by the regime against the people of eastern Ghouta. The crime took place when Assad regime’s jets carried out six airstrikes on a popular market in the town Douma, killing and injuring dozens of people as well as causing widespread damage to the town.

On Death of Civilians in Minefield in rural Aleppo

The Syrian people will continue to suffer and pay a heavy price as long as the Assad regime remains in power, whether through constant bombardment and mass forced displacement or because they are forced to live in the regime-held areas and suffer hyperinflation, abject poverty, and the risks of arrest and torture.

On UN Resolution to Extend Arms Embargo on Iranian Regime

The extension of UN Security Council resolution 2231 relating to the arms embargo on Iran is vital to put pressure on the Iranian regime in view of the absence of any practical measures capable of reining in this regime's policies and ending its continuous support for terrorist regimes and militias.

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