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UN Commission of Inquiry’s Report Condemns Assad Regime; We Expect Concrete Action Towards Accountability

The report by the UN Human Rights Council’s Commission of Inquiry detailed the suffering Syrian children, women and men are going through as a result of military campaigns by the Assad regime forces and their allies. The report once again confirmed the Assad regime’s responsibility for war crimes and crimes against humanity as it listed around 50 attacks on hospitals, schools, public markets and populated areas during the reporting period.

Limiting Delivery of UN Aid Through Assad Regime is Tantamount to Funding its War Machine; Extension of UNSCR Resolution 2165 is of ‘Humanitarian Urgency’

Since the adoption of UN Security Council Resolution 2165 - which allowed the delivery of UN humanitarian aid into Syria through crossings that are not under the control of the Assad regime - the Assad regime and its allies have avidly sought to disrupt the resolution despite that it allowed the international community to provide aid through those crossing to millions of needy civilians and those fleeing the regime’s crimes in all Syrian areas.

On Abuse of Syrian Teenager in Lebanon

The Syrian Opposition Coalition was deeply shocked by the physical and sexual abuse a Syrian child in Lebanon has been subjected to recently. It stresses the need to urgently take legal action and hold the perpetrators accountable.

On Assassination of SNA’s Colonel Muhammad Bakkar

Press releaseSyrian Opposition Coalition - SyriaDepartment of Media and CommunicationsJune 24, 2020The Syrian Revolution and the Ministry of Defense of the Syrian Interim Government lost one of their finest officers, Colonel Muhammad Bakkar, who was assassinated while he was in his workplace.   Colonel Al-Bakkar holds a PhD in Aviation Engineering and was among the first officers to defect from the Assad regime’s army in 2011. He took part in many battles on various fronts against the Assad regime forces and played an important role in organizing military action. Investigation into the assassination of Bakkar is urgently needed to reveal the circumstances under which the crime took place; how the perpetrators managed to reach that place; and hold the perpetrators to account. The enemies of the Syrian people and their freedom and revolution are well known to everyone: from the Assad regime, Iran's terrorist militias, Russian mercenaries, PKK militia, to ISIS and Al-Qaeda. We extend our condolences to the family and friends of Bakkar as we reaffirm our confidence in the Syrian people who have competent officers capable of carrying on down the road and accomplish the mission. Glory goes to Bakkar who joined the fallen heroes who have been...

On Joint Statement by UN OCHA’s Office in Syria

Press releaseSyrian Opposition Coalition - SyriaDepartment of Media and CommunicationsJune 20, 2020 We have taken notice of the statement made by the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs regarding the crossing of students to regime-held areas to sit their exams. The language and tone of the statement seemed biased and unbalanced and generally represented a shock to Syrian pundits and specialists. The statement implies that the UN agency have turned into a mouthpiece and propaganda tool for the regime and a tool that the murderous regime is using in its war against the Syrian people. In any of its paragraphs, the statement did not show any respect for the lives of hundreds of thousands of Syrians who were killed. It did not show any sympathy with the suffering of the millions who have been subjected to the regime’s atrocious crimes for the past several years and who have lost their past and their present, and who are about to lose their future. The regime destroyed more than 500 schools, displaced thousands of teachers and hundreds of thousands of students, detained tens of thousands, and killed thousands more under torture. The language of the statement, which was issued by...

Greatest Refugee Tragedy in Modern Era Still Unfolding

Press releaseSyrian Opposition Coalition - SyriaDepartment of Media and CommunicationsJune 20, 2020 The refugee disaster caused by the Assad regime in Syria is about to enter its tenth year after it turned into an absolute tragedy in which the Syrian people are going through conditions almost unprecedented in our modern era right under the eyes of the world. The various international efforts to confront the refugee crisis did not rise to the required level, neither in terms of facing the disaster itself, putting an end to it, and holding those responsible to account, nor in terms of dealing with its direct results and providing assistance to the refugees, the internally displaced persons, and the affected. On International Refugee Day, the Syrian Opposition Coalition (SOC) renews its warning about the risks of the continued catastrophe affecting Syrian refugees, as well as of its possible consequences in the medium and long terms. It also stresses the need to respect international laws and conventions on the protection of refugees and preventing violations against them. We can only thank the friendly and sisterly countries that are hosting the Syrian refugees and those which provided them with assistance. It is imperative that the international community...

Caesar Act Takes Effect Today to Contribute to Salvage of Syria

Press releaseSyrian Opposition Coalition - SyriaDepartment of Media and CommunicationsJune 17, 2020 Today as the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act takes effect, it imposes a new equation that bypasses Russia’s longstanding obstruction – through the use of its veto power - of all international tracks seeking to reach a political solution. Caesar Act will deprive the Assad regime of a great deal of support from its backers as well as will deny it access to the resources it is using in its war against the Syrian people. The Act will also disrupt military solution once and for all and will revitalize the UN-led political process. The Act targets the Assad regime’s interests, security agencies, and senior criminals as well as everyone who supports the regime’s crimes, whether they are states, institutions, companies, or individuals. The Act excludes food, humanitarian and medical aid in order to relieve pressure on ordinary Syrians. The political negotiating track is still viable. Caesar Act can be suspended should the Assad regime stop killing, detention, and mass forced displacement as well as take concrete steps in the issue of detainees. The Act thus is a real opportunity to salvage Syria and move toward a real political...

Speech by President of the Syrian National Coalition, Anas Abdah, on the economic situation in Syria and Caesar Act.

Our dear people in our beloved country,My fellow Syrians everywhere, The situation in Syria has reached an unprecedented stage today. Syria was once a source of exports to the world, but now over 85% of its population are below poverty line. More than 11 million are in need of humanitarian assistance. For over fifty years, the freedom, economy and decision of the Syrian people have been hijacked, even in the most basic of matters. The revolution, therefore, aims to re-empower this people to regain their freedom and decision. We in the forces of the revolution and the opposition say it loud and clear: Our goal is not to come to power, but to help the Syrian people freely choose its leadership. The responsibility for the suffering of the Syrian people and the collapse of the economy lies squarely with Bashar Al-Assad and his clique. They are to blame for everything that befell Syria and which is befalling it now. The Assad regime has given in Syria's major assets, economy, and future to Russia and Iran through humiliating agreements for which the Syrian people are paying a heavy price and for this gang to remain in power. We have been reviewing...

Suwayda Re-ignites Revolution by Rejecting Tyranny & Foreign Occupation

Press releaseSyrian Opposition Coalition - SyriaDepartment of Media and CommunicationsJune 08, 2020 The anti-regime protests that have recently broken out in Suwayda province reveal the reality of a people who have been freed from the shackles of tyranny and rebelled against the rule of oppression. We salute the grandchildren of Sultan Basha al-Atrash, their love for their country, and unwavering resistance and resilience in the face of the regime. The ruses of the Assad regime and its backers will no longer deceive our people in Suwayda and elsewhere, especially the regime’s deployment of militias seeking to instill terror amongst the people through kidnappings, looting, and the causing of strife among Syrians inside and outside Suwayda. Our people have made it clear that they have been fed up with this outright deception, military domination, and continued security and social pressures, which has sparked the recent popular protests calling for the downfall of the murderous Assad regime once and for all. Suwayda is today chanting ‘O Dara’a! We are with you until death,’ thus thwarting the regime’s and backers’ schemes to cause strife between Suwayda and Dara’a provinces. By chanting ‘O Idlib! Suwayda is with you until death,’ Suwayda is expressing its...

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